Natasha Terekhina in Zurich

Natasha Terekhina in Zurich!
She is may one of the beste Zouk/Lambada Dancer & Teacher in the World! Dont miss this Chance to learn from her!
For you we prepared a Weekend full with Zouk and Lambada!
There will be 8h of Workshop and of course we will have socials, so we can party a lot!
Join us, and lets have a great time together!

***Friday 14.08.2020***
21.00-24.00 Lambada Party

***Saturday 15.08.2020***
13.00 14.00 Ladystyle Lambada
14.15-15.45 Partnerwork Lambada open level
16.00-17.30 Partnerwork Lambada open level
21.30 Party Zouk/Lambada with Show!

***Sunday, 16.08.2020***
11.00-12.00 Ladystile Zouk
12.15-13.45 Partnerwork Zouk open level
14.00-15.30 Partnerwork Zouk open level
18.00-22.00 Bürklizouk

CHF 80.- Saturday Pass, 3h*
CHF 80.- Sunday Pass, 3h*
CHF 150.- Weekend Pass, 6h
CHF 30.- Lady Style 1Day, 1h
CHF 50.- Lady Style 2Day, 2h
CHF 180.- Fullpass, 2 Day Pass + Lady Style, 8h
* Lady Style Classes are not included in Saturday/Sunday Pass!
CHF 15.- Partyentry Friday
CHF 15.- Partyentry Saturday
EUR 80.- Weekend Pass, 6h**
EUR 110.- Fullpass, 2 Day Pass + Lady Style, 8h**
**Partys included
!! If you need a host, let us know, so we can ask our friends to host you.
Registration and More information:
Participation at the Workshops only with registration!
Send us an PM or an E-Mail:

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